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Saturday, January 12, 2013

We all remember the good ole college days... Well, not exactly. Since I opted for a less traditional school approach [real estate school instead of traditional college], I remember the good ole visiting-my-friends-at-college days. Tailgating. All nighters. Parties. Games. All that fun stuff.

Go Cards!

Other things that may be flashing in your mind...
Student loans. Class. Grades. Textbooks.

Textbooks? Um, yeah. I remember sooo many of my friends who were absolutely shocked at the price of books each semester. Even friends who were lucky enough to get scholorships still had to cough up [way too much] cash for books. I remember going to the campus bookstore with my friend Mandy, and she just couldn't get her hands on the book she needed for a reasonable price. It was so dang complicated!

You know who doesn't make things complicated?
That's right. Want to save money? Rent textbooks instead of paying full price? That's where they come in. Need a book for Business 101?? Try

Here is the Better Business Bureau review for you to check out.
I know alot of you bloggy friends are still in college, so check them out & see how much you can save! Can't hurt to try!

And just for fun, here are 118 ways to save money during college!


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One Response to “Money Saver for Students”

Ashlee :) said...

I wish I had known about this when I was in college. Would have hopefully saved a ton of money!