Bucket List

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1. Go to Vegas -maybe next year - went in May 2013. Didn't love it as much as I thought!

2. Run a marathon - I've mastered the mini so far

3. Reach 1,000 sales on my Etsy shop (I'm currently at 122)

4. Go to a Big East tournament at Madison Square Garden in NYC

5. Plant a vegetable garden it's not in our yard, but at Jason's rental house which is a short walk away. Done!

6. Finish paying off my car - hopefully this year! Done! Paid of Dec. 2012

7. Grow my real estate business & get my brokers license

8. Go Skydiving - ticket purchased via la Groupon for this summer! - with Morgen. DONE!

9. Learn how to drive a stick shift

10. Have a weekend getaway to Chicago

11. Go on a girls trip

12. Have a booth at St. James Art Fair - or really any art fair... DONE! Craft fair in June 2012.

13. Buy rental property

14. Volunteer with Big Brother Big Sister switched to KY Human Society. Orientation is this Tuesday. Done!

15. Create my dream home office/craft room - Decided to transform dining room into a dining room/office space combined. Still adding finishing touches as needed.

16. Continue to blog, reach 1,000 followers

17. Visit New Orleans

18. Have or adopt a kid

19. Pour my own concrete countertops

20. Improve skills with power tools so I can build & design my own furniture

21. Learn to sew

22. Go rock climbing - real outdoor rock climbing

23. Finish "Eating through the Alphabet" with Holly - at the rate we are going we might finish by 30! Currently on letter 'G'.

24. Travel somewhere alone - Explored Charlotte alone during the days, but took the trip with Jason... so not yet!

25. Get a facial DONE! Z's salon & spa. Wow!

26. Take photography classes

27. Get married on a beach

29. Start investing instead of just saving started my Roth IRA today! Done!!

30. Join a networking group

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