About Me

Hi! My name is Sam & I'm a real estate professional living in Louisville, Ky.
I like to call myself a real estate 'matchmaker'!
There is just something so exhilarating about helping people.
I LOVE matching a family to their dream home.
I love life & truly believe it's the little things that make the difference.
I live for art, design, architecture and color & you will always find me creating something.
One day I hope to bring my passions together offering both real estate, organizational & design services! You can find some of my creations in my etsy shop, The Style House.
I love the outdoors whether it's relaxing on the water with friends (get a friend with a boat, you're welcome :), hiking, running with my lab, Kobe, or planting flowers, mulching & playing in the dirt!
One of my other passions is exercise & healthy living.
I live by the 80/20 rule: 80% healthy, 20% indulgence & it seems to work for me.
I love to switch up my workouts to stay motivated.
Currently I'm loving Pure Barre, Bodyrock, HIIT & Tabata workouts.
I have an unspoken goal of completing in some kind of fitness competition sometime, so we'll see!
I'm a thrill seeker & truly believe that life happens outside your comfort zone.
The craziest thing I've done so far is skydive.
Color outside the lines!

I currently reside just outside of Louisville with my boyfriend Jason & our two dogs Kobe & Dax. Kobe is a yellow lab (my baby!) and Dax is a miniature pincher & will sometimes be referred to as rat dog. Just FYI.

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L Blincoe said...

So I'm brand new to this bloggy world (a mere 2 weeks!) and I've been circulating through link-ups and such. I found you through 'The Messy Project' and low and behold, you're from Louisville! I am just across the river in New Albany! Small World! :) I've just recently adopted Goodwill shopping and I found some nice stuff but you gotta tell which Goodwill you're shopping at! Anyway, you've gained a new follower! Stop by and visit sometime!


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