Break Down

Thursday, January 10, 2013

You guys... I did it. I finally broke down & bought the one & only...


You probably think I'm crazy now, but for like the last 6 months I've purposly avoided picking up cocoa at the grocery store, because it's the one common ingredient in all of my last minute-craving-a-sweet-cheat-desserts. Now, I had a weak moment & bought it at trusty ole Dollar General over the weekend. The result, you ask?

Enter, the mug brownie.

Worst best thing ever! It's so dangerously easy to make, too. [This could be a good or bad thing]

The Mug Brownie
-4 tbsp flour
-4 tbsp sugar
-2 tbsp cocoa
-pinch of salt [do not omit!]
-2 tbsp veg. oil
-2 tbsp water

Mix all dry ingredients, then stir in wet ingredients. Microwave from 30 seconds to 1 minute, until desired consistency is reached. Feeling really brave? Mix in some crushed pecans.

Y'all. UGH! I have a love/hate realationship with this thing. I microwave mine for 30 seconds, so it's essentially like hot brownie batter. Yum!

Probobly NOT the best thing to eat prior to Mexico. Oops! At least I'm sticking to my workout schedule I suppose.

Off to make my 874535943th mug brownie! [kidding! kinda]


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2 Responses to “Break Down”

Ashlee :) said...

Oh Em Gee!!! It's my birthday weekend and I'm totally having one of those!!!

Alli said...

Whoa, this looks seriously delightful.