Dining Room Transformation - 'Before'

Sunday, January 13, 2013

So I mentioned to you guys that Jason & I [mostly, I] have decided to transform our 'unused-formal-dining area', into a functional 'office area' that can double as a dining room when & if we ever need it to.

For some families, dining rooms may be a functional space. For us, however, the only reason to have a dining room is for resale. Hence why we've [read: I've] decided to transform it!

Here are a few before shots, please ignore the stuff ALL OVER the table. The majority of this was on the empty bakers rack, but we sold it to a FB friend & are waiting for them to come pick it up.

What I Like Already:
- The size of the room & the fact that it has two cased openings, keeping it open to the rest of the house.
- The neutral walls & the trimwork - crown, baseboards, chair rail.
- The natural light from the two windows, looking out through the front porch.
- The table & chairs. These will stay. Believe it or not, these were a conisgnment find & Jason  painted the chairs black & recovered the seats. I actually really like the material.

What I Dislike:
- The bakers rack. It's sold & will be replaced by my recent craigslist find - a black entertainment center that will be used as computer, printer & file storage. Then it can be closed away if we ever use this as a dining area.
- The curtains. These were a 'temporary' fix when Kobe decided to EAT our last curtains we had in here. Literally he ate the entire panel of curtains. So these 'temporary' curtains somehow have lasted 3 years...
- The random wine coolers in the room. Why, you ask? Another craigslist find. Jason had to have these. They somehow ended up 'temporarily' being plugged in in here. Still there. Ha!
- The light fixture. I may be able to paint it an oil rubbed bronze color & re-use it. Not sure yet.

What I Want:
Think a functional & visually pleasing space. I'm thinking about adding beadboard under the chair rail, painted white. I LOVE beadboard. Then I want to have inspirational artwork. Think framed quotes, etc. I want the overall feeling to be calming & a cute place to work. Plus, if I ever need to have clients come to the house, I want it to be presentable [unlike now!]

I'll be re-doing this space on a budget, so consignment stores, DIY's, and Craigslist will be my best friend.

Inspirations [via Pinterest]

Art wall.

Bead board.

Insprational Artwork.

New Curtains! Funky pillows.

Anyway, that is just a general idea of the direction I'm going. Jason is pretty much letting me have free reign in here, which is great. I'll be sure to update you guys on how the transformation is going.

Are you working on any home projects? Is the traditional 'dining room' a functional space in your house?


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3 Responses to “Dining Room Transformation - 'Before'”

Linda @ DesignInMyView said...

Sam - A beautiful room to begin with and making it more functional for an office (with those front facing windows) is so much better than the 3rd bedroom most choose as an in home office.

Keep Jason on your design team (enough) so he'll continue to assist - he's GOOD! Such a clever man will come up with an Ikea or Thrift Hack to frame in those drink coolers.

Will you raise the chair rail to the height in your example photo when you add the panelling? I added 4" v-groove (to the ceiling) in my laundry room and love it! Makes the tight room feel that the ceiling has been raised above its 8+ feet.

Hoping you will post photos of your room as you make changes - You have chosen a home with great architecture and your ideas will make it even better.

Happy New Year!

Janna Renee said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the room! I think I've kind of given up on our rental. I've done enough to get us through the next move, and next time we are totally repainting!

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

This is a blank canvas so you have lots of options! Those curtains in the last pic are so unique! Good luck!
Holly Foxen Wells