Best & Worst Neighbors of 2013 - Celebrity Edition.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I've been all over the place today. Mentally, not physically. I was supposed to have a listing appointment this afternoon, but it was cancelled. So instead I've spent the day taking down Christmas decorations [finally, I know], creating my January real estate newsletter [InDesign, say what?], and helping my grandma with her new Iphone [not.even.a.good.idea].

Anyway, throughout this rumble-jumble [what?] of a day, I stumbled upon this little gem on

Best & Worst Neighbors of 2013 [Celebrity Edition!]

The WORST list

Number one...

You guessed it! Honey Boo-Boo & the fam! Can you imagine living next to these crazies? At least you could go over for a 'sketti' dinner every night! Ketchup & butter, ketchup & butter....

Numero dos...
Oh, heyyy Kim & Kanye! & baby makes three! I imagine it would be a drama fest living next to them! Kourney or Khloe would be oh so much better.

And last but not least...
The Donald. I can see him being an HOA nazi. For sure!

Now let's move on to the 'best' list.

The BEST list

Topping the charts...
Blakey & Miranda! I, for one, agree! Love me some Miranda. Blake is not too shabby either :) Maybe I could come over & swing on the tire swing!

Next up... we have a tie.

Oh heyyy girls! Is it just me, or is this picture crazy weird looking? I love Reese, and I can take Taylor in small doses.

And closing out the top three...
Jon Stewart?! This one is just random.

So who would be your best/worst celebrity neighbor??


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2 Responses to “Best & Worst Neighbors of 2013 - Celebrity Edition.”

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I agree with all of these! And yes. That photo of Taylor and Reese is completely warped.

Also, I don't know what's worse -- your grandma having an iPhone before me or you having to deal with your grandma having an iPhone? ;)

Ashlyn said...

That Taylor and Reese picture looks so strange. I would love to live next door to Miranda and Blake...and I totally agree with the worst three!