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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hola Chicas! As you know I'm back from Mexico. See the little mini recap here.
That's right. After an amazing getaway to Secrets resort in beautiful Cancun, it's back to reality for this ladayyy. Sure, I'm feeling a little blue, but Whitney's The Facts of Me link up is dulling the pain a bit. Don't worry, a full recap of our little Mexican getaway will happen soon. But for now, please enjoy...
Like Whitney, I too enjoy a good pair of yoga pants every once & a while. MY go-to version is leggings with a tunic/dress & boots. You know, when I still want to be presentable and all.
A less presentable yoga pants day. 
I'm a creamer in the a.m.-joe kinda girl. Creamer & sweet n low. [artificial sweetener - ahhh!] Need to make the switch to truvia. The only thing is, I have like a costco size box of sweet n low & just can't bare to trash it.
I'm a saver. See above sweet n low dilemma.

Sweetwater Blue = favorite beer everrrr!

I LOVE to thrift [clothes, furniture, you name it] but I'm starting to understand the value of investing in quality peices. [Read Hudson jeans & Oakley sunglasses] I can totally tell a difference in quality and know both will last me forever but dang did it hurt at the cash register.
Recently thrifted cabinet to go in my dining room transformation.
Flat Iron Curls are my new BFF & go-to hairstyle.
I'm one of those creative types... Give me a craft night & a bottle glass of wine & I'll be in heaven!
 photo winenight_zpscc06a68d.jpg
Did I say a bottle of wine? Ok lesbereal... bottles of wine.
 photo 559430_549853748375156_380434829_n_zps37e10c07.jpg   
My masterpeice from 'Uptown Art' wine & paint your pet night.
I'm going to go out on a limb & say that Halloween is my favorite holiday.
 photo halloween_zps1e6b33f4.jpg
Never ever will I turn down an adventure.

 photo sky_zps66692bc1.jpg  
Bright coffee mugs kinda sorta make my morning.

 photo 002-3_zpsa34c4552-1_zps9ffb3df9.jpg
These two guys. Yeah, I love them.

Personal finance blogs make me really really OCD happy. See above 'saver' remark.
Hats are totally my thing.

Love to travel & learn about different people & cultures. Try different food, drinks & experiences.
Exploring Charlotte all day all by myself.

 Exploring San Juan, Puerto Rico with Jason & two new friends.
 What else you ask? Here are some more randoms...
I once ran a mile in under 6 minutes. I considered this huge!
I get really competitive with myself while exercising/training.
My fingernails suck!
I might make mug brownies a little too often.
I once tried out for a craft show called 'ultimate craft throwdown' & made it to the finals, but then was cut. It was still a fun process. The show ended up being called craft wars.
I have a hair chaning obsession. Cut, grow, highlight, dye...
I am not a fan of massages. They weird me out.
I have a strange issue with people touching my face. I don't even like to touch my own face unless I'm washing it, applying moisturizer, etc.
I get up extremely early just so I have time to relax & move slowly.
This post somehow ended up EXTREMELY long. If you made it here, props to you! ha ;)
Can't wait to read everyone elses version of 'The Facts of Me'.
Are you linking up? What is one fun fact about yourself?

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3 Responses to “Facts of Me”

Melanie Montgomery said...

Craft Wars! I was so excited for it come out, but then when it did, I didn't like it! I tried out for Wheel of Fortune once, and didn't make it on. :{

Janna Renee said...

I love getting to know everyone more through these! I too hate when people touch my face and I have to have chill time in the morning to wake up!

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine said...

I'm a Kentucky girl too! We're currently in Lexington (with a house divided; Taylor is a huge Cards fan and I'm a Cats fan). And I love my sweet'n'low too. And my keurig!