Bedroom Progress

Friday, June 29, 2012

So do you guys remember when I told you I was ready for a bedroom makeover HERE? Well I'm finally making some progress. The walls are painted, I have some accessories that fit with the gray & yellow theme, and I'm happy to say that I've purchased all new bedding.

Here is a little preview for you all... sorry for the lighting. The sun gets super annoying in here in the afternoon. Hello glare on the tv.
Comforter & light gray shams//Target. Gray quilt & quilted shams//Home Goods. Throw pillows//Target.
Excuse the disaster end tables. Didn't feel the need to clean those up before snapping the pic. See the leather insert in the headboard? I'm contemplating covering that section in burlap because I hate HATE the leather. Thoughts?

Here is my other little accomplishment.
Shutters are so much fun to use in decorating.
$3 picture frame + great quote.

Next on my list -
1.) Recover leather headboard insert with burlap.
2.) New look for the lamp shades. I'm thinking of dressing my current shades up with ribbon.
3.) Get a couple more throw pillows for the bed & maybe a knit blanket to up the yellow factor.

Maybe these....
See them at THIS etsy shop.

Wish me luck that I can actually finish this project in a timely manner. We'll see!

Happy Friday!


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8 Responses to “Bedroom Progress”

Erica said...

Looks great!! I love gray and yellow together!

Sam @ said...

Did you write that quote? I love the handwriting! The room looks so cute...nice job!!

Stacia said...

I LOVE the look and the colors! I'm getting ready to re-do my bedroom this weekend on a $100 budget and hunting for ideas!

So glad I fell upon your blog and look forward to sharing more with you!!

Lauren said...

love those lamps!!! where did you get them?!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

oooo its looking great! LOVE your pillow choices! and that frame is so cute! cant wait to see the rest! happy friday! xo

Linda said...

Hey Sam! Yes burlap would be great over the leather...but what about adding a bit of glam first? I'm imagining some metallic paint on the leather.

At first thought it was a freehand design (loose organic, swirly), and on second thought...enlarge one of the prints you have in the pillows or comforter with an all over stencil so the leather is nearly covered (barely peeking through). You can always cover with burlap later - or metallic paint on burlap?

Guess I'm wanting to see a bit of shine in your design! (pushy me!) I am very impressed with everything you've found. Your scheme of gray and yellow are beautiful. :-)


Holly said...

I really love the mirrors behind the nightstands! I have looked all over for ones to fit above mine. Your room is turning our really nice!

Ioana-Carmen said...

awesome <3