Good Morning Sunshine

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How would you like to wake up in the morning to this face?

Too bad if I let Kobe in our bed, we would literally be covered in white dog hair when we woke up.

Speaking of dog hair.. I got one of these 'furminator' brushes.
 Ok, I got a knockoff from Amazon... & I could make another dog with all of the hair I've brushed out over the past week.

Gross. See?

Yep. Even Kobe thinks so.

If you have a dog that sheds, you need one of these bad boys. Look on amazon for knock off brands to save some money :)


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6 Responses to “Good Morning Sunshine”

Melissa88Senick said...

Hey girl. I am adding you. Nice to meet you. Oh my word I cannot believe the amount of hair your dog sheds. Love dogs but will def need a hypoallergenic one. I have OCD now let alone if I had a shedding pup. haha.

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

i saw two kids brushing their german shedpard with one of those on their front lawn yesterday when i wet for a run and it was insane. there was fur flying everywhere!!

Andrea D said...

We let our stinky little shedder sleep in our bed, and it's definitely full of hair. We have a furminator...I just need to be less lazy and actually use it on a regular basis!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Oh, my gosh! I bought the Furminator for my cats, and IT'S AMAZING. Seriously! I always get excited to see how big of a fur ball I can get from them! (Okay, I sound completely lame right now...)

Happy Friday, Sam!

Elizabeth Sawchak said...

omg I'm CRACKING UP at the gigantic ball of fur you combed out of your dog. Hilarious. My dog needs a haircut so bad the poor thing can barely see. He's little, so I could probably make another dog from his fur too haha