High Five for Friday: The Little Things :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ahh, Friday we meet again... and so soon! I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!!


1.) Finding this quote. This sign is perfection! Take a moment each day to appreciate your life & all the little things that make it enjoyable.

Source: piccsy.com via Michelle on Pinterest

2.) Winning this giveaway from the lovely Sarah over at Total Basset Case. & we found out that we live semi close which is awesome! Thanks again girlie!
Elf make-up goodies + a Target gift card...  So excited to try the Elf products, and who doesn't love Target??

3.) New reading material from les library... freebies... can't beat 'em.

4.) Pickin' wildflowers! Found these little pretties on a walk - pretty sure the white ones are weeds.. but whatever. I thought it was a good idea to pick them until they made my eyes itch like crazyyyy!

5.) Art show prep... making progress! Tan shag carpet is totally not a good backdrop, but you get the just of it...

2 more weeks to go. To all of my wedding friends out there, I make bridal party glasses, too! See them in my Etsy Shop.

Today I'm back on the real estate track helping a client pack up some of her things so we can get her house on the market, then meeting new clients with a builder for the first time. Then I think I might just surprise Jason with a date night.

What were your "High Five" this week??


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2 Responses to “High Five for Friday: The Little Things :)”

LJE said...

I'm your newest follower -- Love your blog!! xx

Kristin said...

off to your shop!