Friday Letters

Friday, June 15, 2012

Goodness I've just been all about the link ups lately! Today I'm changing up my regular "Friday Favorites" & linking up for "Friday Letters"...


Dear Pretty Little Liars,  I'm so glad you're back in my life! My Tuesdays are now complete. Plus, I just found out from a fellow blogger that you started out as a book series. You are on my reading list!
Dear Craft Show, I was excited for you to come, but now that tonights the night I'm sort of wishing I didn't commit so I could spend my Friday night elsewhere. Oh well. Please let me sell lots of items. K? Thanks. Dear Brownies, Can you pretty please quit calling my name from the kitchen counter already? Dear Crazy Clients, Don't you know that the only way to sell your house is to actually let me show it? Get with the program! Dear, I'm so glad to be back in the routine, I feel oh so much better with you in my life everyday. Dear Target Gift Card, I meant to spend you on new containers for my kitchen, but somehow walked out of the store with a dress, a skirt, and some cute little journals. Oops. Dear Friday, I'm oh so glad you are here & now it's time to enjoy the weekend! Let's do this thing!


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One Response to “Friday Letters”

BrieAshly said...

HAHA Target is a money suck. You go in for one thing and end dropping $150 on stuff you never even knew you needed.