Deja Vu

Saturday, June 30, 2012

No I'm not having deja vu... and no I'm not talking about the strip club 'Deja Vu'.
I'm talking about these awesome deals I just scored from the shop Deja Vu.
Emphasis on the 'shop'. Do not leave out the 'shop'... unless you want to take a gander at a strip club website. I won't judge. Ha!

I first stumbled upon a Deja Vu boutique in Seaside, Florida. I immediately LOVED the unique, eclectic collection. Recently, I got the chance to learn more about the shops owner, Stephanie, through Casey's blog, in THIS post.

Turns out Stephanie is pretty freakin' awesome. At 21, she took a chance & started her clothing business with just $4,000 & has turned it into a huge success. Read Casey's post above for more. Anyway... today she is offering her facebook fans a whopping 40% off by using the code 'USA' at checkout. Here are my steals for the day...

This dress. Find it HERE.

And this dress. Find it HERE.

Love love love. Can't wait to get these bad boys in the mail. Now that will make for a good mail day my friends. Happy shopping :)


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