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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today has been a super lazy day! Last night was the Buffett concert at the YUM! center downtown. We went with two of our best friends, and got downtown early around 3ish, (margarita machine in tow) & got ready to hit the streets. Jason was not feeling too good, but he was a trooper :)

(source) No joke, these are the best! Anyways...

We headed toward Whiskey Row and walked through the Troll Pub which was crazy busy, attempted to make it to Los Azteca's for chips & queso, but somehow got lost in this maze of alleys and hallways.. and ended up at Bearno's to watch the Cardinals battle Syracuse. (Sadly another loss!) We ordered breadsticks instead of the chips and queso, and ordered drinks. We got the margaritas with a "twist". We soon found out that the "twist" was Razz liquor. Lets just say it was NOT a good fit with my salt-rimmed glass. BUT... we ended up getting free replacements from our awesome bartender.

Buffett ended up being ok. The average age throughout the audience was prob. 20-30 years our senior. ha ha. And it was certainly a full house! I think it would have been wayyy better if it was warm enough to properly tailgate "Buffett style" before the concert, but sadly it was not :( All in all, it was a great excuse for a night out and multiple margaritas!
We got home this morning a bit on the tired side. I caught up with KandeeJ * *(another one of my fave blogs!!) She is super creative and always posts great make-up, hair, fashion, and project ideas.

That got my "creative juices" flowing and I decided to pull out my bag of "junk".. old belts, chains, tops, old jewelry...etc.

I made... necklaces :) Far left was part of an old dress. The next necklace was made from random chains put together. The keychain was from part of a belt, and part of two different necklaces. The gold necklace on the right was part of an old belt.

Here is a close-up of the keychain. I think it adds a little something to my yellow bag.

Here is a wrap bracelet which I love! It's made from part of an old leather belt, along with various metal fasteners I added to give it an edge. Wrap bracelets are really in right now but you can totally make them yourself instead of spending money for one :) And you won't run into anyone else wearing the same thing!

I love piecing old things together into something totally new. Plus being creative is such a stress reliever, trust me! Alot of times people think you have to have certain skills to be creative, but the truth is you don't! All you need is patience & trial and error.
Here is a quote that I read today & thought I would pass along:

"Life is too short to think average, be average, or just be what you think will fit in. You're not living unless someone doesn't like what you're wearing, doing, or dreaming of becoming!"

That pretty much sums it up!

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