Hunger Games? Yes please! + GO CARDS!

Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Friday Y'all! I'll start by saying...
GO CARDS! The Cardinals shut down Michigan St. last night to move on to the Elite 8! When this team shows up, they are capable of anything. Up next is Florida, anything could happen, but I like their chances.

Anyways...I was supposed to have a closing this morning, but it got moved to Tuesday... so instead I'm meeting my friend Tricia to see...
THE HUNGER GAMES!! So excited! I have finished all three books in preparation.

For those of you that don't know, the main character Jennifer Lawrence, is a Louisville girl! She is awesome :)

Since I missed last weeks Friday Finds while in Puerto Rico, here is a double dose for today.

LOVE this outfit & the idea that you can dress up a basic tank with a bright little skirt like this one.

Soo want to try one of these. I think I may just have to get it for myself as a lil gift :)


  Individual Oatmeal Bites... can you say genius??  I'll have mine with banana and a bucket smidge of Nutella please.

And speaking of Nutella.... enough said:)

Really loving yellow diamonds right now. Although there is a reason I have zero expensive jewelry... I tend to break or misplace things a bit too often!

This mug is tres unique! And big enough to hold my giant cup of coffee in the morning. Win-Win!

DIY necklace with washers?? On my to-do list.

Umm can you say gorgeous?? Love rustic floors.

Yes, I believe I could waste days on this chaise..

I would totally rock this up-do with some edge.

That's all for now. About to go work out then off to see The Hunger Games! Do you plan to see the movie?? Have you already??

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One Response to “Hunger Games? Yes please! + GO CARDS!”

the girl in the red shoes said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm SO excited for the Hunger Games....have fun! P.s. that yellow outfit is beyond adorable!