Carry-on essentials!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello, hello. Monday again! I'm trying to get all my loose ends tied up before I leave for Puerto Rico early Thursday morning. Big thanks to my coworker Susannah for being there for me while I'm gone. She's a life saver! I always get nervous that something is going to come up real estate wise while I'm gone.. but I just need to learn to breathe & relax and realize everything will get done just fine. Margaritas will help this. Anyways...

As you all know I'm oh so excited to hit the road! I though I would share some of my carry-on essentials for when I fly. First up:
My 31 bag. LOVE this bag.. it's just big enough without being too big. And all of the pockets make it easy to store smaller items. The black stretchy side pockets ensure you're not going to lose something.  Plus my purse will fit inside..

Now what do I put in this 31 bag, you ask?? We'll here is the low down:
A girls gotta have snacks, right?! Because this girl WILL NOT shell out the major dough for plane snacks unless it is a dire emergency. Plus most planes do not take cash for snacks, how bizarre is that? Anyway... at least if you bring your own you can at least eat something semi healthy.

Same thing with water... I get so damn thirsty on planes! And the little shot glass size cup they give you does not cut it. I know technically TSA ppl aren't supposed to let you carry food/drink on the plane.. but I'm pretty sly I suppose and have gotten away with it numerous times.
And Fire balls. Remember these? Jason bought a huge container at Sam's.. and now I am pretty much addicted. Bonus, I will not have granola bar breath after consuming twenty one or two granola bars.
Reading supplies... this time it's the Kindle, equipped with Catching Fire, the second book in the Hunger Games Series (thank you Tricia!)... Plus the regular Mocking Jay book from mah fave library!!

You know no carry-on is complete without an "i" something.. in my case it's my ipod nano and Jason's ipod touch. We like to put a movie on each so we have something to pass the time. Sometimes reading gives me a headache so it's good to have back up.

Not that I whip any of this out on the plane... but I like to carry-on a few of my make-up essentials just incase my suitcase god forbid gets lost. Surprisingly enough, this has not happened to me yet... Fingers crossed that doesn't change! Plus, sometimes make-up can get broken pretty easily in your suitcase. So we'll try to avoid that..

And lastly... my laptop- for work emails & body rock workouts - and camera will be accompanying me on the plane. Also just incase suitcase gets lost.

Ok, ok... these might make it on the plane with us too... if they make it that long!! I love me some Samoas!

What do you carry-on when you travel? Am I forgetting something?? Probably so!

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