Our "Precious" Getaway Recap....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello my little pretties... writing this back from the lovely Louisville where it is still in the high 70's. Thought I'd give you a recap in pictures of our Puerto Rico getaway!

Highlights of the trip include:

Taking a rental car to Old San Juan for some site seeing and shopping.

Hitting the beach on El Conquistador's island :)

Pool volleyball!

The view from our room = to die for!

Shots of some sort of dark rum, that we later may have regretted a bit!

Jason winning an Ipad2! woo hoo!

Seeing Precious! Yep, you remember her...

Can you say random?? Our hotel was the set for an upcoming episode of "The Big C"... it's on Showtime I hear.. We don't get Showtime, but maybe I can Hulu it! Anyway.. it was neat seeing what a production it is to record a few scenes for a TV show.. pretty crazy! And to top it off, our "bell boy" (aka guy that brought our bags to our room) was in the show! He got to be a waiter delivering drinks. Isn't that awesome?!

Now it's back to the real world! I have some work things to catch up on before the weekend, plus a closing tomorrow morning! Hope you enjoy the pics!

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