Versona Recap + Getting Back on Track

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hi Loves! Remember my shopping day last week where I visited the lovely Versona for the first time?

Yep. Addicted. This store is cheap enough that it could totally be dangerous for me. Now ladies.... let me share with you my purchases...

The Romper
I just LOVE rompers. I think I have 3 or 4, but this is my first strapless addition to my wardrobe. You can keep it casual, or dress it up. $19.99

The Hi-Lo Dress
I don't usually consider my style to be uber trendy... but a hi-lo dress was on my list for the summer. This one has a cute ruffle detail & is super comfortable. $39.99

The Nude Peep Toe Heels
I've been lusting for a pair of nude heels. I didn't necessarily want peep toes... but hey - they were on clearance! $9.99!! & they go well with both the dress & the romper. Can't beat that!
The Belt
Love this belt. Especially because it was FREE! That's right, it came with the dress.

The Flower Wristlet
Okay, okay. I must confess... I saw this on my first trip & passed it up. Then I went back and got it. I was in dire need of some kind of wristlet... this one is neutral enough that it will go with everything, plus it was only $9.99
Another great thing about Versona is that they only keep a few of each dress/top/etc. in the store, so you can rest assured that you won't see 34573957 different people out with your same outfit. They also have tons of accessories like statement necklaces, hats, purses, you name it.

Moral of the story - Find. One. Now.

In other news, I have fallen off the wagon.
I had been doing soo good, doing my workouts 5 days per week & eating healthy.
The past two weeks I haven't been as consistent. I find myself "too busy" to fit in my workout for the day... Then at night I've been craving sweets.
What can I say? Pinterest just makes it too easy to make a brownie/coffee cake/etc. in a mug. Oh, and Nutella is the devil.
I don't weigh myself, don't even own a scale. I'm totally not one of those who obsesses about going up or down a pound. I just go by whether my clothes fit right & how I feel.
I generally eat healthy, but like I said, at night I crave sweets!

Effective immediately, I'm back on the wagon. I feel like a lot of times, people say... oh, I'll start tomorrow, or, next week I'll do better...
I think it's much better to start NOW.
So here are the changes I plan to implement to get myself back on track.

1.) No more sweets at night during the week. That means you, Nutella!
Instead I will have a cup of tea or fruit.
2.) I will not buy any crap. If you don't have it, you won't eat it. That means you, Nutella!
3.) I will snack on fruits,veggies, and almonds throughout the day to keep myself satisfied.
4.) We will continue to make healthy grilled meals for dinner - lots of fish & veggies!
5.) I will allow myself to splurge sometimes once I'm back into my routine. You can't deprive yourself of everything or you're asking for trouble :)

1.) Back to the Bodyrocking. 12 minutes. 5 days per week. My fave :)
2.) I will hike or jog with Kobe 2 or 3 days per week. His fave :)
3.) Keep attending my weekly group exercise class.

Ahh... I already feel better.


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7 Responses to “Versona Recap + Getting Back on Track”

Jenna said...

Yay for getting back on track! I fell off the bandwagon big time over Memorial Day weekend! Well not exactly fell, more like took a nose dive!

LauraCaffeine said...

I feel ya on the falling off the bandwagon! I didn;t work out sunday or monday like I normally do, so now I feel off. You can do it!

Holly said...

That high/low dress is stinking cute!

In the past I was really bad about getting off track for one day, and that would turn into a week easy. It is so nice to say that if I get off track one day I get back on the wagon the next day. If I can do it, you've totally got it! :)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

i love the blue romper! i am obsessed w them too! i got a cute half sleeve ruffle one from victoria secret! btw hows the real estate market out there?

Meg {henninglove} said...

that blue romper is adorable on you! and i love the print on the high-low dress except i can't get into that trend for some reason

Ashley said...

Love your dress! A lot of the hi lo dresses are too drastic for my tast. Kind of like the mullet of dresses if you will. But that one is hot! I need to find one of these Versona stores. Kind of sounds like Charming Charlie which I l-o-v-e.

Lauren said...

love the hi-low dress!! it is SUPER cute!