Skinny Girl Fail :(

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Y'all know I love me some Bethenny Frankel...

I'm an avid fan of her show... Bethenny Ever After... but my Bethenny love runs back to her days on Real Housewives of NY. She was for sure my fave :) I was so happy to see her succeed with her Skinny Girl line... I love the original Skinny Girl Margarita ...
So that's why I was sooo surprised when I tried the White Peach Margarita... and it was an epic fail! Thanks anyways to my awesome bf for surprising me with it though :) Someone please tell me it was just my bottle that had some defect, please! It was very chemical-y tasting..
Have any of you girls tried this flavor? Thoughts??

On the other hand, she redeemed herself with the Skinny Girl California Red. Very smooth.

So now you have an excuse to drink wine, go try it out. That is all.


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2 Responses to “Skinny Girl Fail :(”

Lauren said...

i love Bethany! and i heard the skinnygirl sangria is amazing...i need to try it, but my grocery store doesn't carry it (you think it would be all over Los Angeles!)

Elizabeth Sawchak said...

AH I love Bethenny too!! I've only tried the original Skinny Girl Margarita and the white cranberry cosmo (which is really good)...but I will definitely be trying the wine! I honestly didn't even know she had a wine out! Sooo disappointed to hear that the white peach wasn't good though :(