The Little Things

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some of the little things in life I've been enjoying over the last few days...

Tug o' War with Kobe... this is one of his favorite things!

All the ingredients for my healthy (er)  pasta dinner tonight  + my open face chicken caprese sandwiches tomorrow! Something about cooking is relaxing. The eating part isn't so bad either :)

The bedroom redo is coming together slowly but surely. Hopefully I will find some more accessories & maybe even bedding tomorrow on my little shopping trip... Home Goods is finally here :)

Finding this image on Pinterest today... makes me "at peace" with the fact that my would - have - been biggest real estate deal fell through because my buyer was dishonest with me :(
Girls night last night with friends I haven't seen in quite a while where we were so busy talking that we failed to take any pictures. We went to my friend Dee's new apartment, which is oh so cute. Her boyfriend made a lot of the furniture out of pallets & it is so rustic & unique. I loved it all. She made white chili and we also consumed a little bit of this....

Finding out that one of my best friends is expecting! I'm so excited to help plan a baby shower for her :) It's still a secret for now though, so shhhh!

Always remember to enjoy the little things :) What are you loving this week??

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4 Responses to “The Little Things”

thecoffeehouse said...

Sherm has that same exact toy! Only it's half eaten by now.
I thought we were similar because of this ... but then you had to go and say 'cooking is relaxing'. One time I tried to make dinner for Dan ... he walked in the room and I seriously had egg shells in my hair. This is a true story. There is nothing relaxing about this. ;)

Michelle said...

Your bedroom is looking great! Love the colors. Can't wait to see the whole thing! :)
I enjoy cooking when I feel inspired. It feels really satisfying when the end product is delicious.

Jes said...

that picture with kobe? hysterical. i love it.

Lisa said...

Kobe is so cute!! Loving your blog so far, couldn't have chosen a better template :)