Something New: Monday Confessions

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hi there!!

So.... I thought I would start something new today. Since my blog is called Confessions of a Real Estate Diva.... maybe I should have weekly confession sessions with you girls!  And what better day than Monday, after the weekend! It will be something new & fun. Let's get started! Promise I will work on artwork for next week, and maybe we can make it a link-up!!

With Your Favorite Real Estate Diva

I confess....

I might have cried a little during the Desperate Housewives series finale last night...

The other night at Chueys I may have had approximately five peach margaritas. Then I proceeded to eat so much chips & salsa that I wasn't hungry for my actual meal.

I was craving something sweet last night so I made a cappuccino... then I opened a Hershey bar...

That I have an unopened Janet Evanovich book on my nightstand that's due back to the library in about a week, but I'm really leaning towards buying the second 50 Shades book today instead...

That I'm pretty sure when Starbucks had Frappaccino Happy Hour last week I participated more than once...

That I'm a little bit worried about my closing scheduled for a week from today. I'm really really hoping it happens without another hitch.

That I watched 2 movies yesterday. Young Adult & The Vow. It was raining all day for crying out loud.

What are you confessing today??


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4 Responses to “Something New: Monday Confessions”

thecoffeehouse said...

I like how you drink ... I mean think. I could live on margs and chips & salsa. Truly. I could.

Elizabeth Sawchak said...

haha i'm cracking up...and I'm cracking up at thecoffeehouse's comment too. I love margaritas as well, but somehow have never had peach? And although I didn't get to participate in Starbuck's frappaccino happy hour, if I had, I know I would've been there more than once too ;)

Lauren said...

i am famous for never actually being hungry for dinner after chips and salsa. and maragaritas are amazing...i approve :)

Samantha George-Realtor said...

Girls... we need a chips & salsa & margarita night asap.

I had never had peach margaritas before either, but let me just tell you... they were awesome!