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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lately I have been dreaming about recreating my office area/craft station into something a little more functional & well... pretty. Right now it's a cute little setup, but lets face it - sort of thrown together.

Here it is now...

I love my artwork & the "sawhorse" table legs (from Ikea, duh)... but what I'm really lacking is storage (the dresser is no longer cutting it) and a cohesive kind of look. Right now it's a pain to switch gears from real estate paperwork to, say, painting wine glasses. NEED to fix this asap. Here are some office areas I'm loving right now... all via Pinterest, where else?!

I like the idea of large memo boards for ideas... plus all of the overhead storage on the high shelf. I think I'm seeing Ikea & Hobby Lobby in my future...

Love the office chair and storage on back wall. Especially love the paper storage slots. Great for scrapbook stuff.
Ok so this is a similar idea for a desk... Love how its out in front of the window rather than up against a wall. I could do something like this and have storage on each side wall.. hmm.

Love this for file storage... then you could close it up & turn into a little bench when you're not using it. Complete with cute little throw pillows, of course!

What I really need is a professional workspace that still gives me room to be creative. Shouldn't be too hard to achieve, right??

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