30 Day Challenge + Weekend Recap

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hello my little pretties :) Sunday night already, eh? And no Desperate Housewives? What's a girl to do? I guess I will enjoy my new guilty pleasure tv show - The Client List... good old lifetime. Even though the show is super predictable I still love Jennifer Love Hewitt. Please tell me I'm not the only one that has a long list of trash tv I keep up with...? haha

Anyways, I hope everyone had a good weekend! We went out Friday for one of Jason's salesmans birthdays, then Saturday we headed downtown to enjoy Thunder with some friends. It was a bit on the cold side, but still a great time. Kentucky has had crazy weather so far this year - we started off way warmer than normal & now we are colder than normal. I can't keep up!

Today we were both sort of lazy until we got it together to go meet our friends for dinner. Kabobs on the grill with sweet potatos, green beans & salad followed by ice cream cake. Amazing!

Speaking of ice cream cake... If anyone is looking for a new workout program, I have one for you! You guys have heard me talk about Bodyrock before, and now they are getting ready to start up another 30 day challenge. It should be starting March 1st. It is awesome! Not only are the workouts super effective, but they are short enough to where you don't have to dedicate hours each day to staying in shape. Plus they are FREE & you can't beat that! This is the main host Lisa Marie...
She is full of personality which makes it fun! And fyi, I do these workouts about 5 days a week, so this is my honest opinion of Bodyrock. Pretty sure they have no idea who I am, and I'm sure they could care less if I blog about them :) Try it out for yo'self HERE. I promise you will love!

Don't be too jealous that I don't have to work much tomorrow! Just have to make a few phone calls & start preping for an open house this coming Sunday. For the rest of you guys out there, have a good Monday!! Come back tomorrow so I can reveal my little shopping secret & where I scored some major finds this weekend!


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One Response to “30 Day Challenge + Weekend Recap”

Lauren said...

i can't believe you went to Thunder! A little too cold for me! But, I do love fireworks, hope it was a good show, my grandparents said they watched it on TV-a little different than in person! And seriously, this weather needs to get it together...too cold!