Swimwear Switch Up

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thanks to latest Victoria's Secret catalog, swimwear is on my mind! Oh how I love bathing suits! I could literally buy one every time I step into Target.. or F21.. or Victorias Secret.. or pretty much anywhere! Unfortunately, my bank account begs to differ. Plus, I don't really need new bathing suits. I have like 34935 bikinis already. This, ladies, is why I love the art of mismatched bikinis. I can pull a top from here, a bottom from there, and bam! - I have a new look!

Here is some polyvore inspiration for ya, people!

The options are truly unlimited... you can make 2 totally different colors work together, or you can pair a solid with a print. I just like to make sure they either have a similar style, material, or detailing.

Last year I found 4 different bikini bottoms on sale at F21 for like $5 & under... You better believe I will be rockin' the mismatched look this summer. What is your favorite style of swimwear??

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4 Responses to “Swimwear Switch Up”

Courtney B said...

I am too scared to mis match... don't ask me why! I want to try it this summer, though!

thecoffeehouse said...

love the mis match. and i totally agree ... give me a $5 bottom and i'll wear ANYTHING on top. :) congrats on the blogger award, it led me to ya.

Michelle said...

Swimwear already?? oh... I'm still wearing my coat here in Boston!

You've just won the Liebster Blog Award at my blog! :)

Samantha George-Realtor said...

Thank you girls! I'm about to do a post for the Liebster Award. Thanks, Michelle!!

Courtney - You should try it, you might love it!