The Little Things + Goodwill Lowdown

Monday, April 23, 2012

Here are a few of the little things that have made me smile lately :)

Strawberries with greek yogurt.
Mug Brownie with Strawberries. Okay, anything with strawberries!
Kobe being his usual lazy self!
Photo shoot with Kobe.
I think he was trying to wink here?? haha.

On to the shopping portion of this post! So... I am a huge bargain shopper. I LOVE places like TJMaxx & random consignment shops. I even love... wait for it... GOODWILL! Don't get me wrong, you can find some pretty nasty, unstylish stuff at Goodwill... but just sometimes, you can fnd some awesome stuff for super cheap! I finished up a day of showings last week, and on  my way home I decided to stop at one of the Goodwills on my way home. Now girls, just let me show you what I came home with...
This shirt. Brand: Mine. Tags still on from TJMaxx, marked $18.99. I paid: $3.00

This shirt. Brand: Banana Republic. Not worn at all. Paid: $3.00

Dress. Brand: Express. Barely if ever worn. Paid: $5.00

Look familiar?? Got this little Express number in blue as well. Paid: $5.00

Wedges. Brand: Charlotte Russe. One scuff, but barely worn. Paid: $3.00

This dress/cover-up. Brand: Unknown. Barely worn. Paid: $3.00
I think I will mainly use this as a swim suit coverup this summer.

I was soo happy with my finds!! I also picked up a little JCrew wristlet & a kate spade bag for just $3.00 each. Ofcourse when you get home you MUST wash everything! If you're lucky enough to find shoes, sanitize! Purses, at the very least put them in the dryer for a half hour or so. Where do you guys go for bargains?? Are you brave enough to venture into Goodwill?

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8 Responses to “The Little Things + Goodwill Lowdown”

LauraCaffeine said...

The Goodwill near my house is kinda seedy, but I totally hit up TJMaxx and Marshall's on a regular basis. Marshall's always has such cute stuff for home decor...I found a cute wooden sign that says "I live for baseball" on it that will be going into the basement (which will be baseball-themed).

Lindsay K {lastyearoftwentysomething} said...

Wow! You got some great finds at Goodwill! Who knew?! Those dresses with the ruffles are adorable!

Ashlee :) said...

Oh girl!! I HAVE to know which Goodwill you are shopping at. I'm a new lover of Goodwill and the ones around south central KY don't have ANYTHING like that. Those dresses & wedges are SO cute!

Thanks for following my blog :) I love to support/follow KY bloggers. It's interesting to see how each life is so different, but living in the same state.

Cute blog you have and I can't wait to hear more about your Goodwill finds and the Real Estate business!!

Michelle said...

Amazing!! I'm so impressed. I love them all ...and Kobe is very cute, too! :)

Courtney @ The Daily Wags said...

i LOVE to bargain shop as well!!

Is that a yellow lab??

Thanks for following!!! xoxo

Samantha George-Realtor said...

Thanks girls! Bargain shopping is the best!
Laura - I'm dying to try Marshall's... i haven't been yet!
Ashlee - This time it was the brownsboro road location off the waterson. But I also like St. Matthews & Middletown.
Courtney - Yep, he's a yellow lab. My baby :) He has funny yellowish/goldish eyes though that make him look different than most labs :)

J and A said...

Kobe is so cute! We have a lab too, Cruz. Those are so wicked finds!! Wow lucky girl.

Adelina Alexander said...

Ohhh, Kobe is so cute! I love pets! They bring so much joy! I follow you now! Would you like to follow me back?