The little things :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hey there lovelies! Hope you all are enjoying your Tuesday :) I started the morning off with a few showings. My buyer was literally 45 minutes late to the first showing.. I found myself getting a little frustrated at first, but then I thought, hey, chill out! Turns out she got lost & she's totally not the first person to get lost, right? GPS's have a mind of thier own sometimes... Really not a big deal. I ended up just relaxing while I waited on her to arrive. I think it's important we all just take the time to relax & enjoy the little things! So here are some of the "little things" I have enjoyed so far today :)

             My crazy dog was in LOVE with this wrapping paper roll. Seriously, why even buy dog toys??   

                                        Tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte? Yes, please!!

Got to pick out a birthday gift for our favorite almost 6 year old at Target! & wrapped it for him.

Random issue of InStyle in the mail with no subscription.... I'll take that! Plus it has Cameron on the cover.

Now I have a little bit of not so enjoyable computer work ahead of me... but then I'm gonna make dinner, do my bodyrock workout, then relax with my InStyle & a cup of tea! What did you enjoy today?? 


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7 Responses to “The little things :)”

MessyDirtyHair said...

your dog is SO cute! i work in real estate too! however i do marketing for a company, but ive hosted some open houses! your blog is adoarble, im your 20th follower!

xo Kelly

Samantha George-Realtor said...

Thanks!! That's awesome you are in real estate also!! I love open houses as long as people show up! I'm sure your marketing gets them there though. Thanks for following :)


Cole said...

My dogs love paper rolls too. Your pup is too cute!

Page Twenty-Two said...

Your dog is TOO CUTE!!! my dog loves wrapping paper rolls too!!

Holly said...

We have the same warm Starbucks order. :)

Morgan Stone said...

That Starbucks looks delightful. There isn't an easily accessible one between home and work for me, so it seems that I'm ALWAYS craving it! Btw, I'll get to the mac & cheese post soon ;)

Jessie said...

Your pup looks so sweet! Great photography.