"B" is for Blue Dog Bakery...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sooo... as promised here is the recap from our latest "Eating Through the Alphabet" adventure! Yesterday, my good friend Holly & I decided to hit up Frankfort Ave. for lunch & a little bit of shopping. And well... lets just say that good food+shopping pretty much always equals a great day in my book!! We chose Blue Dog Bakery for our "B" destination.

Blue Dog Bakery & Cafe is a cute little cafe space that not only has an awesome brunch/lunch menu, but they make all of thier bread in house. I also just figured out they have been featured in Food&Wine magazine... pretty cool!
One thing about Blue Dog....it's popular. Both times I've been, we had a bit of a wait (15 min or so) which is totally fine because while you wait you can drool over stare at the awesome array of desserts & muffins.

Once we sat down, we ordered drinks and tried to decide on food. Holly got the raspberry iced tea, which she said was pretty good even though typically she's not a raspberry fan. I tried it & thought it was pretty good, too. Pretty sure they are famous for thier bloody marys here also, so if you're a bloody mary fan I would go that route :)
I ended up going with the Egg, House Cured Bacon & Arugula Pizza. Holly decided on the
Artichoke Hearts, Boursin, Eggplant, Red Bell Pepper, Tapenade, Mozzarella, & Mayo Sandwich. Long freakin' name, I know!

This is what my pizza looked like... it was sooo good that I forgot to take a picture before I had eaten half of it. Oops :)  Holly's sandwich was good, too.. she especially liked the wheatberry salad that came as a side. All in all, it's great food, a great atmosphere, and a reasonable price. Each of our meals were around 12 bucks.

Bottom Line: If you live in or around Louisville - Go. To. Blue. Dog. Bakery. Just do it!

Once we finished lunch, we decided to walk down Frankfort Ave. and check out some of the unique shops. We hit up consignment stores... galleries... "junk" stores. Holly ended up finding a mirror & shelf for her condo. I took home a little diamond in the rough for $5.00... more to come on that :)
We also saw about 2938945 signs with this phrase..
Apparently it's the hot thing to say right now... I think it sounds like you're telling someone off... F-you, go jump in the lake! haha. Who knows! It would be good artwork for a lakehouse though, dontcha think??

We've already picked our "C" destination - Cole's Artisan Pizza, also on Frankfort Ave. Plus we've decided that we better start doing these outings a bit more frequently so it doesn't take us 5 years to get through the entire alphabet! haha. What cool restaurants/areas do you like in your city??

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