Our night in LexVegas+Facial experience+Pizza

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hey there loves :)
This is going to be a long recap post so prepare yourself!
First of all- Facial recap... Yesterday I had my first ever facial & let me just tell you that it was amazing! If you haven't had one, go for it! Sooo relaxing & I really feel like it helped my skin. I was a little worried going in because my skin is on the sensative side, so I didn't know how it would react to some of the products. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. My skin feels calmer, hydrated, and super smooth! Plus, my girl recommended a few new products for me. This could become an expensive habit...

In other news...this week Holly & I met to continue our "Eating Through the Alphabet".. this time we went to Cole's Artisan Pizza.

It was heaven! So good that we each ordered our own pizza. And I may or may not have eaten almost the entire thing - true story! The inside of Cole's was a really neat atmosphere, too. Plus it was affordable. If you're ever in Louisville, it's a must try. I know I'll be back!

Friday night we met a couple of our friends and ventured on out to the lovely LexVegas.. aka Lexington, Ky. We headed there for the Brantley Gilbert & Eric Church concert at Rupp. Here is a little photo recap for you.
The concert was pretty good. I ended up liking Brantley Gilbert better than Eric Church. We had great seats, too. The only negative was that it took FOREVER to get a beer. We waited in line close to a half hour two different times. Then afterwards, we got to enjoy this monster pizza above! We each got a slice as big as our head, no joke. We ate it on the sidewalk while we were waiting for a cab & everyone that passed by us said something about the pizza!

So clearly my weekend has already consisted of way too much pizza and it's not even Saturday night yet! Oh well, you only live once :) Tonight we are going to party it up for a 6 year old's birthday dinner! What are you lovelies indulging in this weekend?


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4 Responses to “Our night in LexVegas+Facial experience+Pizza”

Courtney B said...

How PERFECT! This all seriously sounds SO amazing! I'm coming to hangout with you next weekend ;)

Samantha George-Realtor said...

Come on! It was the pizza that put you over the edge, right? Ha ha!!

Amanda said...

Aww, that's so sad! I love Eric Church...normally he puts on such a great show. Glad you had fun though!

Michelle said...

ohhh, Goodfella's pizza brings back so many memories! Eating on the sidewalk is the best. :)