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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ahhh yeah friends! I will be doing THIS next month!

THIS being the Muddy Fanatic 5k on May 19. I absolutely CAN NOT wait for this mess! If you are in the Louisville or Southern Indiana area, I highly recommend you get yourself a group of friends together and do this. I got it a la Living Social for 1/2 price - score! Oh and they give you a beer at the end. Just sayin'.

Pretty sure a future Real Housewives of OC episode is going to show them doing something similar to this madness... I saw it on the previews for an upcoming episode. Perhaps tonights episode? It's new tonight, fyi... you're welcome :)

Uh yeah... here is Gretchen. She is my fave RHOOC. For sure. Betcha Vickie wasn't in on this.
Just go to either Living Social or Muddy Fanatic's website to sign up :)


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