It's OK

Thursday, November 8, 2012

To have days where the to-do list is not bad at all.

To be way too excited about DIYs! [hobby lobby has Xmas stuff half off right now! Check your store!]

To have that extra cup of coffee.

To [other than said DIYs] not be excited for the holidays at all.

To sorta kinda want to jump on the 'life lately according to my iPhone' bandwagon since I actually have one now and all.

To be OBSESSED with the little blueberry craisins. Sooo much better than the original!

What's ok in your world??


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3 Responses to “It's OK”

Brooke said...

Blueberry craisins, never heard of em'! Gonna have to try some! Thanks for the tip!



Lauren said...

i wish we had a hobby lobby around here!!

Ashlyn said...

I need some good DIY projects. First, I need a pinterest account though I suppose.

I am on my third coffee if that is any consolation