F the vaca prep - on to the recap!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oh heyyyy. Remember me? I'm backkk. You may remember me running off and leaving you guys with these 'Vaca Prep' posts (such as here.) You may wonder why I just left off & didn't carry on posting about my 'healthy habits' in my last few days before departure. Long story short - I failed. While I did workout (some) I certainly didn't continue eating super healthy those last few days. Do you know how hard it is to eat healthy when you are trying not to purchase any fresh food before you leave? Uh, hard.

Anyway - here I am, back home in the lovely OC. Oh, and when I say OC - I certainly don't mean 'Orange County'. More like 'Oldham County'... although much to your dismay I'm sure, no, it is not pronounced 'Old-HAM'... more like 'Old-UM'. And yes I've totally thought we Oldhamer's should create a spinoff of Real Housewives of OC. Anyway... we spent today driving home. Once we got home, after our little reunion with Kobe & rat dog, we realized we had zero food. But the absolute last thing I wanted to do after a day of driving 10 hours was to go to the grocery. So we picked up a Papa Murphey's pizza instead - Thai chicken pizza = amazing! And why not carry on those lovely vacation habits for one more night, right? Back on the wagon tomorrow.

So as I was catching up on everyone's blogs - I thought I'd give you guys a little recap! Though this recap is likely not what you are expecting because...

I took literally ZERO pictures this entire trip. We went to Destin, FL for those of you who don't know. Jason's parents have a cute little condo there & we've been quite a few times. So this time, I decided to focus on relaxing & take a break from my picture taking! So here's a little recap for you minus the photos.

Number of hours spent driving to Destin - 10

Number of suitcases packed for 5 people - way more than 5. (Although one did house a margarita machine)

Number of cocktails consumed - too many to count. They included - Irish wakes, kool aid shots, margaritas, black cherry mikes hard lemonade, lemonade & vodka... the list goes on.
Number of hangovers - ZERO! you know you are getting old when this happens!

Number of unneccesary items purchased - 2. Very good. Leopard heels from Target, white linen shorts from Gap outlet.

Number of games played - many. (keep in mind we had our friends & thier 6 year old with us)
- Hula hooping on the beach. And in the condo.
-I Spy. If you don't know this game, ask a 6 year old.
-Bumper cars.
-Go Karts
-Mario Kart (Cart?) I despise video games. 6 year olds do not despise video games.
-Hair fixing. Another game with the 6 year old. Boy did this turn out good.
-31. A card game turned drinking game.
-Kool Aid shots. The game went like this - make a huge container of Kool Aid shots (kool aid & vodka) Drink all of the shots.
-The quite game
-The tanning contest. The 6 year old & I played this game of who could get a better tan. He won. He is guatamalan, though, so I say it was rigged.
(This 6 year old is named Kyle by the way, and he pretty much is an awesome kid)

Number of workouts completed - 4 (better than I expected)

Number of photos taken - zero!

Number of walks on the beach - 2

Days spent people watching on the beach - all of them. Man is that fun.

Sunburns - zero :)

Number of sushi rolls consumed - ummm we sort of went to this sushi buffet recommended by the locals, so alot.

Number of laughs - too many to remember!

All in all, a fantastic trip! If you go to Destin, I can recommend a place to stay & great places to eat & visit so just give me a shout :)

Glad to be back :)


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4 Responses to “F the vaca prep - on to the recap!”

Lauren said...

glad you had fun!!

Melissa88Senick said...

Welcome back. Sounds like you had some great time. Margarita machine? Hmm... I should invest and travel with that necessity! ;)

Ioana-Carmen said...

welcome back darling <3

Linda of DesignInMyView said...

Your vacation sounds like a Summer Olympics event.

And you won THE Gold!

Cheers :-)