Vaca Prep - Day 2!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today, I've worked from home, other than I had to run afew errands. I always feel like when you're home, you are constantly wandering into the kitchen... or at least I am! Anyway, here is what I've eaten today..


For breakfast, I had black tea, 2 eggs, greek yogurt with strawberries & blueberries, small piece of zucchini bread with fake butter.

Then for a snack, a handful of almonds.

Lunch, salad. Similar to yesterdays salad - spinach, blush vinagrette dressing, almonds, feta, strawberries, red onion, and this time I added mandarin oranges.

Then I've already had 2 snacks this afternoon.. I guess the extra workouts are making me hungry - upping my metabolism even more.

First I had another small slice of zucchini bread. - Really don't want to let this go to waste before we leave on Thursday evening. Too good to pass up! Um... anyone else like ice in your milk?? That is the only way I like it. It has to be super cold.

Later on I had a serving of animal crackers & cut up strawberries with another small glass of milk. (with ice, duh).

Tonight we are going out to dinner with a Jason's salesman & his wife. So my plan is to order something healthy & hold off on the cocktails for tonight :)

Now for exercise....


I started the morning off by taking Kobe for a run after breakfast. He LOVES going for runs. He seriously can tell when I have workout clothes on, then once I say the word 'run' he freaks out.
He's a good running partner. I try to run in the grass most of the time with him, today we went somewhere around 1.5 or 2 miles. Then at the end of the run he ofcourse had to get into the creek to cool off.

My other workout for the day was this:
Another great workout from Bodyrock. This one had 18 rounds of 45 seconds intense work, followed by 5 seconds of rest. It's super intense interval training & it's amazing.

So far so good with my vaca prep! Tomorrow one of my workouts will be Zumba class, it's always good to change things up! What's your favorite workout??


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2 Responses to “Vaca Prep - Day 2!”

Laura said...

My favorite workout is the Les Mills BodyAttack....9 cardio tracks sandwiched by a warm-up, then a lower body track, abs, and a cool down. One hour, 800 calories burned.


Kristin said...

that salad looks amazing!