Monday - What am I doing this week?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Saw this image on good ole Pinterest & thought it was super cute. Cute, though ironic, because there will be absolutely no cupcakes for me this week. That's right, ladies. In preperation for our departure to somewhere sunny on Friday, I have deemed this the week of clean eating & exercising. No, this is not a 'crash' diet of sorts. Just healthy eating & exercise, which I do anyways most of the time, but this week I'm really going to buckle down. This little bloggy is going to turn into my eating/exercise diary this week.

I'm going to do my best to avoid processed foods, and cut back on the carbs while still enjoying some whole grains of course. And lastly, no desserts! I will post pictures of all of my meals/snacks the following day.

I'm also going to be doubling my workouts for the week. Typically I do one bodyrock workout 5 days per week, plus the occasional run. This week I'm going to do  one of the following:

- 2 bodyrock workouts per day (they are 12-20 min total, so totally doable.)
-1 bodyrock workout + run with Kobe.

Who wants to join me? It's a great way to hold yourself accountable. See ya tomorrow for the recap :)


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One Response to “Monday - What am I doing this week?”

Laura said...

That is an awesome idea, Sam! Blogging about it will definitely keep you accountable! Good luck! Where are you heading?