Thursday, July 19, 2012

Currently I'm wasting time on Pinterest while I wait for a counteroffer to show up in my inbox. Clearly. Sooo I found this little gem & thought it would make for a great blog post idea. Of course :)

So here we go.


Listening to a rerun of Million Dollar Listing while I sit in my 'office' (read couch).
Eating nothing right now, however I just had a sundried tomato & goat cheese quesadilla at a local restaurant. Pretty good stuff!
Drinking water... as always. Water or margaritas that is. Mm... margaritas!
Wearing a super old yet cute white sundress with a brown studded belt. I've just taken off my shoes so I could relax for a bit in my couch office.
Feeling hopeful that this counteroffer is going to come in where we want it to. Excited about the weekend. A bit sore from my workout this morning. Ready for a mid-day nap. I wish!
Weather is freakin' hot. It was overcast this morning so I was able to take Kobe for a run before my workout, but now it's sunny with a 105 degree heat index. Nice!
Wanting to make zucchini bread tonight.
Needing to get the good news one of my closings is scheduled for next week.
Thinking about that nap... ha.
Enjoying taking some time to breathe & relax.


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2 Responses to “Currently...”

Stefanie Cross said...

Too funny! I am a real estate agent too and have been loving your blog! Hope your counter offers comes in soon with good news! Can't wait to keep reading your blog glad I found it! xoxo Stefanie

dreaming en francais said...

This is such a cute idea! That quesadilla sounds yummy!