5 for Friday

Friday, August 17, 2012

1. I perfected the bun this week. My hair is finally getting long enough to expiriment.
2. I splurged. I NEVER thought I would be caught dead in Sunglass Hut or any other foofy sunglass retailer. But I, my friends, have done it. I have lived in walmart & target sunglasses forever, and have been getting headaches lately in the sun, so I decided to make an 'investment'. Still feeling a bit guilty about these babies. I'll feel even more guilty if I happen to lose them in the river.
3. Starbucks pretty much loves me. Or actually, I guess they love Jason since this little sample package was addressed to him. I however, claimed it. Now to clean the Keurig...
4. Trying out new cocktail recipes. I like to call myself a mixologist in training. This here is the berries & cream cocktail. Also tried, the 'hottie' - with watermelon juice & jalapeno infused tequila.
5. New blog design :) I'm diggin' it.

Enjoy your weekend pretties! Mine started extra early last night with a Hank Williams Jr. concert. Now tonight we're headed to this cute little restaurant for 'create your own margarita' night. Pretty excited about that one! The rest of the weekend I plan to catch up on work, finish reading my book and spend some time outside (cocktail in hand).


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3 Responses to “5 for Friday”

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I am kicking myself for cutting my hair (just like I do every two years). I just can't seem to learn. Love that bun! And I have lost three pairs of sunglasses (at $10 or less ... thank goodness) in the last 3 months (no joke). I think it's safe to say that I am not mature enough to own nice things.

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Anca said...

Haha, I have the same problem with my hair I feel as though it's not growing fast enough!!