Every girl should...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I recently read this in an issue of Underwired magazine & wanted to share!

Every girl should...

Know how to hang a picture
          Know what grounds you
     Have a well thought out worldview and continue to let it be shaped by your life experiences
  Have a plan for handling your stress in a healthy way
                  Know how to be alone... to date and love yourself first
          Have at least 5 go to recipes
   Create a vision and a purpose of your own and pursue it
                   Love your body and know how to dress it
Know where to go to get inspiration
       Read a book that changes your life
                            Write beautiful, thoughtful thank you letters
     Know how to be acutely aware of your surroundings
               Know how to say no graciously or set other appropriate boundries
                                     Know how to ask for what you want/need
           Know how to sew
Know how to financially take care of yourself
   (Not only earn money, but understand how to use it)
                           Know how to improvise
            Know how to fall in love without losing who you are as an individual
                       Know how to jump a car, change the oil, fix a flat
   Know that you can create the circle of people you want close to you
                                        Know how to accept compliments without undermining them
             Listen and trust your own body signals and inner voice...
                    They somehow, already know the answer!

I haven't quite conquered all of these bad boys yet, but I'm confident that I'm well on my way!


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5 Responses to “Every girl should...”

PostgradPrep said...

I think this list is perfect!

Page Twenty-Two said...

I LOVE this:) Thanks for posting!

Lauren said...

love that!! some good inspiration for this Thursday afternoon!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I kind of suck at hanging pictures.
Not gonna lie.
But when you have an engineer/DIY guy living with you ... it's so hard to learn those things! ;)

the lovebirds said...

I 100% agree! I love this! xo