Thursday Already?? It's OK!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Thursday... Or as I like to call it - Friday Eve. Yep, almost as exciting as Christmas Eve in my book because this 'Eve' comes every single week. Now if only presents (giving & getting) came every week then we'd have it made!

It's time for It's OK Thursdayyyy!

It's OK to skip your workout after the longest day of work ever. It's not OK to skip walking your dog. Kobe let me know this last night, hence our late night walk at 8pm.

It's OK to be abnormally obsessed with new Fall tv. Ummm Revenge anyone?? I DVR'd the first season recap & can't wait for the premiere. Also loving 'Chandler's new show, Go On.

It's OK to already be thinking about Halloween costumes... To be creative/spend money on something new... or reuse an old costume? Decisions, decisions.

It's OK to have a strange obsession with Dollar General. You can find some cheap goodies here, people.

It's OK to title a section in your October budget 'Fall Clothes Shopping!' (exclaimation point and all).

It's OK to make crockpot meals - Chicken tortilla soup, anyone? - simply for the fact that you will have leftovers for a good 3-4 days.

It's OK to be pumped for Zumba tonight... then equally pumped to go out for mexican afterwards... What's that magazine that has the section 'You ate it, Negate it'... well, I prefer to do mine backwards.

What's OK in your world??? Go link up with Neely & tell us!

Its Ok Thursdays

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5 Responses to “Thursday Already?? It's OK!”

ty said...

I love the dollar store :) it reminds me of my granny!

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Laura said...

I"m so happy for new fall TV shows! My poor DVR is working overtime!


Elle Sees said...

i missed the premiere of revenge!! i gotta catch up.

Janna Renee said...

I want a crockpot so bad! I have even been pinning crockpot meal ideas already!