Nothing beats...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Reorganizing the closet. Replacing those Summer clothes with Fall pieces.

Taking a shower at home and sleeping in your own bed after being away for the weekend.

A nonfat no-whip pumpkin spice latte, taking the long way home with the sunroof open taking in the crisp air.

Moving the tv out on the deck so you can relax in a lounge chair with the bf & the pup.

Old costume jewelry from your bf's mom. I now have a ring that features a carved out dime from the 40's. It's awesome! She's awesome :)

Going to bed early.

Planning on a spur of the moment Fall shopping trip tomorrow with the money from my 'fun jar'.

Catching up with an old friend, then planning to meet up the following week to catch up even more over margaritas.

Late nights spent outside with great friends.

Make this Monday a good one!


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3 Responses to “Nothing beats...”

Laura said...

Happy Monday, Sam!


Kristin said...

going to bed early is my favorite :)

Janna Renee said...

I love September's always such a good month!