It's OK Thursday (My Friday!)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Well, I'm here today to tell you 'It's OK'...
It's OK to write a blog post on Real $$ Tips and mention how buying Groupons/Living Social Deals/Coupons can be like a double edged sword, leading you to buy things you don't really need... and then proceed to buy not one, but TWO living social deals for starbucks. Hey, spend $5, get $10. Can't pass that up.
It's OK to count down the hours until you can use said Starbucks deal.
It's OK to make it a 3 day week & take Friday off to head to the lake.
It's OK to be 100% obsessed with Pretty Woman anytime it comes on tv. Watched it last night ;)
It's OK to up your rate if the job was not as described.
It's OK to daydream about Fall shopping. Next month I'm setting aside some money in my budget to do this!
It's OK to make gourmet jello shots, like this, and this.
It's OK to have to run the dryer 3 times because you continue to forget to actually fold the clothes once the cycle is done. Oops!
Lastly, it's OK to be MIA from the blog alll weekend.
See you pretties next week!
Its Ok Thursdays

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3 Responses to “It's OK Thursday (My Friday!)”

Meg {henninglove} said...

i have caught myself before with groupon saying why am i buying this do i really need it or do i want it. most of the time it is a want i agree with you definitely have to watch out for groupon it will suck you in and take all of your money!

Lauren said...

all those things are a-ok in my book!

and i bought the sbucks groupon too...COULD NOT RESIST.

Anonymous said...

LOL Running the dryer 3 times has become the norm at our house. I've accepted it to the point that I do laundry after dinner so that once the clothes are ready for the dryer, I can just hop in bed!

I love your blog! Mine is just starting out. :/