This I Believe...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I believe in laughing until you cry - or until you pee your pants, whichever comes first.

 I believe that exercise is the best medicine.

 I believe in a healthy lifestyle - most of the time.

 I also believe in the occasional brownie or jar of nutella.

 I believe in girls night in.
Or girls night out...

 I believe in date night/day with the bf.

I believe in lazy nights spent on the couch.

 I believe in man's best friend. (or woman's best friend :)

 I believe in taking chances and making mistakes.

 I believe in doing something that scares you & gets you out of your comfort zone.

 I believe in putting yourself out there.

 I believe in art.

 I believe in being creative every day.

 I believe in books. Real paper books.

 I believe in dressing for success - or dressing like you will see your worst enemy :)

I believe in shoes.

 I believe in changing hairstyles and being creative with your look.

 I believe in long drives with the music up and the windows down.

 I believe in letting your personality shine.

I believe in saving money & having a written monthly budget.

I also believe in monthly fun money.

I  believe on spending said fun money on facials every now & then.

I believe in paper planners & written lists. None of this iphone business.

I believe hard work & working hard.

I believe in travel & exploring.

I believe in opening up your mind to all of the possibilities & living this little life ALL OUT.

Linking up with the lovely Erin from Living in Yellow for 'I believe'.


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5 Responses to “This I Believe...”

Courtney*Cakes said...

I believe in so much of this too...
I believe that this post also made me smile....
I believe that you've got one follower :)

Lauren said...

loving this link-up!

and yes!! real books > ebooks forever!! (haha)

Allie Brooks said...

Stopping by from the link up. COMPLETELY agree with your list... love it!

Kasey said...

I sooo believe in fun money and woman's best friend, and SHOES :) new follower here, I love your blog and I hope you'll come check out mine as well and hopefully you'll like what you see and follow along :D

Brooke said...

Can't belive you sky dived! How scary! =)

Your newest follower,