Another week, another project!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday! It's sunny so I'm happy :)

Time to start another week!

I'm super excited because this week signals the beginning of the next Bodyrock 30 Day Challenge!!! If you haven't heard of Bodyrock you have got to check it out! Basically it's an online workout website that provides you with quick & effective daily workouts.

No joke, each workout is typically 12 minutes long, & some days you have 2 workouts. - so we're talking a 1/2 hour tops. Plus it's 100% FREE!!

I know you're thinking-- yeah, right! 12 minute workout is effective? not!

That's what I thought! I was totally wrong! I used to do Insanity - so I know a tough workout. These workouts give me results without taking up an hour or more of my day. It's a win-win!

&& the host Lisa-Marie is super cute & fun to watch! Check her out! I want those abs :)

Go to to get started!  You will NOT be dissapointed!
Also - I went to Traderbakers this morning & found something I have been lusting after for ever.... a vintage printer drawer!!

This is what it looks like now....

And this is what I hope it looks like when I finish! ...

This jewelry display board is from Etsy shop Aurea && I'm using it as inspiration for my own version. Cute way to show off all of your jewelry, don't you think?!

I'll post pics of my after so you can be the judge :)

In other news, my first time homebuyer client (& friend) found a house! We still have to get through inspections & get to closing - but I'm so excited for him! I'll post pictures after closing so you can see how cute this house is! :)

Until next time...


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