Things I'm loving at the moment...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! I spent this morning catching up on emails & doing some computer work, then I got to have lunch with a great business contact, a local mortgage specialist in my market. It's great to meet & share ideas with like-minded people in the same industry. Plus she's young & enthusiastic, so we have a ton in common.

This afternoon I'm working on my monthly newsletter, but then when Jason gets home I'm making tacos & we are just going to hang out at home tonight & be lazy.

Anyway, here are some things I'm loving at the moment...

Chai Black Tea at home lattes
Mmmm. So good! I just use private selection [aka Kroger brand] chai black tea, steep it in hot water, add some milk, cinnamon & stevia & I'm good to go.

Pure Barre
I am absolutely loving this workout! I don't so much love the price tag, but if you watch out for deals, it's doable. I got to take a class last night with a friend and our favorite instructor & lets just say I'm definitely feeling it today!

Catching up on my kindle
I think I've had too much reality tv lately. Yes, it's possible. So this week I've really been enjoying catching up on my reading in the evenings. I'm finishing up The Beach House: A Novel by Jane Green, and then once that's finished I'm starting Sharp Objects: A Novel by Gillian Flynn. Can't wait! Did you know now that most libraries allow you to check out books to your kindle? Mine does! Or of course you can get on amazon as well.

Carrie Beth Taylor Art
I'm absolutely loving this girls art! Check her website out here! Aren't these custom cards adorable? I found them on her Facebook.

Dan Miller podcast
Dan's podcast, 48 days is awesome & so inspiring. His whole concept is '48 days to the work you love'. Check out more on his website, and definitely download his podcast. He also has a few books, 48 Days to the Work You Love: Preparing for the New Normal, No More Dreaded Mondays: Ignite Your Passion - and Other Revolutionary Ways to Discover Your True Calling at Work, and most recently Wisdom Meets Passion: When Generations Collide and Collaborate.

Million Dollar Listing
I just love this show! Tell me I'm not alone here. LA in my opinion, is way better than NY, but I like them both. I can't imagine earning a commission check that big, that's for sure! I am in love with Josh Flagg's grandma. She is pretty awesome!

Well, I'm off to make my afternoon chai tea latte! Hope you enjoy your weekends lovelies!


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2 Responses to “Things I'm loving at the moment...”

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

oooh i might have to listen to that podcast! Sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing girl!

Janna Renee said...

I love Chai tea at home and I want to try Pure Barre. It looks so fun!