It's the simple thanggs in life...

Monday, March 11, 2013

Points if you finished the lyrics! ;)

Here's a little recap of the simple things that have been making me super happy as of late...

Pure Barre. Ahhh! I tried a class & now I'm addicted.
My first class was free, but each class is like $22 bucks.
Sista can't afford that. Dang it!
I will call it my 'special occasion' workout.

Our new APP!
My real estate company has just released an APP!
So if you're in Louisville, visiting soon, or planning to move here...
Download it!

Good hair days!
Love when this happens!
This was even 2 day dirty hair!

I got to accompany Jason on his work trip
& we squeezed in some fun stuff.
Ok, he squeezed it in. I frolicked around all day.
American Pickers!
Anyone watch it?
Well this is the warehouse in Nashville.
Super awesome historic building.
When we got here it was literally POURING down rain.
Once we got inside, John from the show was there doing a photoshoot.
Pretty cool!
If you guys ever go, there is an AMAZING coffee shop
You won't be disapointed.
Also, on the other side of the pickers store, there is a neat little place called...
they have gourmet hand dipped marshmallows.
Freakin' awesome.
Also, they suckered me into a shirt.
How could I not?!?
Anway... Nashville = Love.
Moving on.
Smith-Berry Winery with my girls on Saturday.
Fun way to celebrate 60 degree temps.
I mean it's always a good idea to have wine.

Cinnamon. Roll. Waffles.
I went there.
You should prob follow me on Pinterest
b/c I pin stuff like this on the reg...
See the pin here.
These new cards I picked up.
One for a friends birthday, and one for a friends baby.
Coming in May.
Got this jacket at Kohls.
Originally priced over $40, but I got it for $17.
It's good to have friends with Kohl's cards.
Extra discount!
Don't mind that it's technically the juniors line...
Princess Vera Wang.
Goodness this list is getting long...
One last thing....

This is going down this month.
The Messy Project
Featuring yours truly
(+ 3 other pretty ladies, not to mention Kelly herself.)
Coming March 20 = The Big Reveal!
Get excited!
What's keeping you smiling these days?

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4 Responses to “It's the simple thanggs in life...”

Ashlee :) said...

Excited about your Messy Project reveal! I love seeing those every month.

I was up toward your neck of the woods this past weekend. We finally made it to the casino and O M G! I'm hooked!!! Girl needs more money though lol!

That marshmallow shirt is so cute!!

Kristin said...

22$ for one class?? yikes!!
now I want a cinnamon roll waffle!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

Congrats on the app, that is so cool and I can not wait for the Messy Project tomorrow!

Sparkles and Shoes
My 1,000 Follower Giveaway!

Kasey Lynne said...

I've been contemplating on doing Pure Barre! I've heard amazing things about the program, so I might pay for a special...and like you, I'll probably get addicted to it!