In my Shades.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ok, so y'all have all heard of Firmoo by now I'm sure. I mean, come on... this is blogland & they are pretty popular. I've been seeing tons of posts on other people's blogs featuring thier new FREE pair of glasses...

Well... want me to let you in on my little secret? ...
They also offer... sunglasses! Yes! All of us 20/20 vision people rejoice!

Anyway, Firmoo contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of these free glasses, or in my case, sunglasses. Um, yes puh-lease!

So first I hopped on thier website & started looking around. They have tons of different styles.
I ended up going with the oversized retro sunglasses...

... & snapped this pic on my way to a much needed hair appointment!
The glasses are good quality & look even better than I expected.

So, here's the cool thing. Firmoo offers customers thier first pair of glasses for FREE!
They also offer a virtual try-on element, where you can upload your photo.
And bonus, they ship really quickly!

Just hop on thier  website, upload your photo to try on different pairs, then click on the
'First Pair Free for New Customers' icon on the homepage.
Just follow the online directions & you are good to go!

Right now you can only get the eyeglasses free, not the sunglasses. But they have a great selection of both!

Get on it ladies!


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2 Responses to “In my Shades.”

Ashlee :) said...

LOVE my Firmoo eyeglasses! Get compliments on them all the time! LOVE the sunglasses you chose! Are the lenses pretty dark?

Lauren said...

love your choice!