Evolving Friendships

Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's weird. Weird the things I think of on my drives home. Today it was friendships. Old friendships, new friendships, friendships you think will be there forever. I started thinking about friends from my past that I haven't spoken to in years. Sure, I'm facebook friends with a lot of these people, but it's been years since we've really talked.

I think about friends I had in school. I'm talking all the way back from kindergarten & first grade. My mom was (& still is) a teacher, so in elementary & middle school my brother & I would get out of school, then we'd have to wait for her to finish up before we could go home. Another girl, Gina, her mom worked at the school as well. We became super close & had tons of adventures together - running around the school after hours was pretty awesome back then. I can remember spending the night at her house all the time. We would make no-bakes & mounds candy bars... jump on her trampoline & go paddle-boating around the little lake behind her house. We stayed friends throughout middle school, but somewhere in high school we drifted apart. I ran into her at Kroger one day & it was just so fun to briefly catch up. She went to art school for a while & now I think she is a server at this cool new restaurant in Louisville.

Another girl, Kim, was my best friend in elementary school. Then in middle & high we drifted apart. I can remember being at her house 24/7 almost. She had 2 sisters close to our age, who also always had friends over, so we never ran out of things to do. I can remember tons of adventures in her basement, cooking parties in her kitchen, & the fact that her parents always made everyone finish every last drop of milk with their dinner. Milk was the only option. To this day, I can't drink milk with any other meal than breakfast & even then it has tons of ice so it stays super cold. I went away to camp with Kim & one year my mom made our hair look like Cindy Lou-Hoo from the Grinch. It was pretty awesome. I ran into Kim at Starbucks about a year ago & then ran into her parents at a boat show. She went to Purdue University & is on her way to becoming a pharmacist.

It's funny because I can't remember the last time I hung out with these girls & more. It's like looking back, I had no idea I would drift apart from this person. No idea that we would just leave that sleepover or whatever & that would reallly be the last real time we hung out. Really hung out. It's crazy how technology allows us to sort of keep tabs on old friends. It's even better when we run into these old friends in real life & get to see what they are up to.

It's crazy to see where everyone ends up. I say 'ends up' loosely. Obviously everyone is still evolving & moving forward. Totally makes me rethink the whole attending my high school reunion when it comes (in 4 more years) thing. I never thought I would go... but you know what? Maybe I just will.

Do you like running into old friends?
Will you attend, or have you attended (how was it?) your high school reunion??


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One Response to “Evolving Friendships”

Rachael said...

I'm in the same boat, there are some friends I've lost contact with except for facebook and I have no clue why I let that happen! I recently reconnected with my highschool best friend and its been awesome! I did go to my reunion 3 years ago and it was nice to see everyone. You should totally go!