Be Mine xoxo [Creating E-cards with Red Stamp App]

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Girls. A couple of things...

1.) Happy Valentines Day!!
2.) I have found the perfect app for creating photo art.

 photo vday_zps5bfa9a24.jpg
See that little pretty? Umm, yeah. I made it using the Red Stamp app for Iphone. [I don't think it's available for Android] Basically you download the app [did I mention it's FREE?], choose your template, upload your photos & send. You can send via text or email.
So go create some of these bad boys for yourself! Send to your special someone, family or friends.
Oh, and Happy Valentines Day!
What's your favorite photo app?

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One Response to “Be Mine xoxo [Creating E-cards with Red Stamp App]”

Ashlee :) said...

Cuuuuteee!!! I guess instagram would have to be my favorite. It's pretty much the only one I use.