You know you're getting old when...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You listen to podcasts. [hello Adam Corolla & Jillian Michaels]

You make weekly meal plans.

You choose to listen to AM radio on the way to/from work instead of rocking out. [Ok some days I still totally rock out]

You start using anti-aging eye cream. [at 23 - never too early, right?]

You use a crockpot multiple times per week.

You no longer get a discount at the movies on 'student night' [sometimes I sneak with my old UofL ID] Shoot me.

You actually watch the news.

You have a business facebook page.

You need an entire day to recuperate from a hangover. [an entire day]

You enjoy reading personal finance blogs & articles.

You start saving for retirement. [Next year, folks.]

You no longer regularly eat ramen noodles. [hmmm... miss these, they are damn good!]

You use coupons.

You feel like you deserve to go to bed early. Really??


What is wrong with us, ladies?? Ha!

Tell me I'm not alone with the above ;)


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5 Responses to “You know you're getting old when...”

Michelle said...

Haha I am with you on all of these!

Brooke said...

I do all that too! Minus the am radio, and the news!

Happy Halloween!


Ashlyn said...

I have been using anti agin cream since I was 21! You're right, it is never too early ;)

Midheta Agic said...

Wow, great post!
Would u like to follow each other ?

Have a nice day!


Janna Renee said...

Oh boy can I relate!! I'm in need of a vacation from my vacation now. Haha.