Where Oh Where Have I Been?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hey lovelies!
Look who's back in the swing of things! Nothing like a little impromtu trip to Florida... you feel?
My bf's parents had a condo in Destin & they just sold it... so luckily we were able to move some work stuff around & drive down for one last visit before closing!

Days spent like this are the best in my book :) I envy you girls that get to live on/by the beach.

Going in October is the best because it's not crowded but it's still warm enough to do normal beach stuff aka sit on the beach, get in the pool, etc. The ocean was a bit cool but I still got in. Wasn't going to miss out, that's for sure!

Pretty beach! Destin has some of the prettiest water & sand. I never would have guessed it, but the first time I went I was wowed.

Awesome house rumored to be Tim McGraw's... who knows! I've never seen anyone stay here.

And I like to call this one the Pink Palace... It looks way more pink in real life.

What else.... We ate great food. If you go to Destin or Pensecola you HAVE to try McGuires Irish Pub. Irish in FL?? What??? Yes! You will not be sorry. Get the irish wake. Also Dewey Destins for seafood.

Here are some of my favorite products to use at the beach...

Tinted Moisturizer! I love the Aveeno in light... it's not too heavy but gives you a little bit of coverage to even out your skin tone. Don't feel like you have to run out & buy it though, you can totally make your own. Just combine your regular facial moisturizer with a hint of your foundation. It works with liquid foundation or even mineral foundation.

Discovered this sunscreen while we were in Destin. Love it! It feels good on your skin, isn't greasy and it doesn't make me break out. Give it a shot. I usually use Aveeno, but I might just switch!

I also was super proud because I managed to fit all of my clothes for 5 days into a carry-on sized suitcase. Major success. Does anyone else have a hard time with this? I had an even harder time stuffing everything back in my suitcase on the way home. Did I go shopping???

Well... I went thrifting! I'll be back this week to show you what I got. Think wedges, sweaters, cute summer tops, etc.  I will also give you a few tips for when you go thrifting yourself!

I'm off to watch Pretty Little Liars (who is excited?!) & then tomorrow is a full day of work (alot to catch up on!) and THEN...
I will be drinking wine & painting! So excited to try this. I'm going to attempt to 'paint my pet'... Kobe ofcourse. Sooo.. the question is, will my painting skills get worse or better when accompanied by wine? Time will tell, ladies. Time will tell.


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4 Responses to “Where Oh Where Have I Been?”

Laura said...

I"m getting ready to watch PLL right now!!

Michelle said...

I was actually just wondering where you've been!

Monica's Notebook said...

I LOOOOVEEE Destin! I'm so glad yall got to go one last time!! I bet it's so nice in October because the beach isnt packed and the weathers still great! :]

Helene said...

this is my favorite place in the world. No joke, check my last blog post!!
looks perfect!1