Recap Madness: Art, Halloween, DIY, Pinterest... Ahhh!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ohhh goodness. Monday again! I've had a pretty busy yet fun filled week!
First and foremost... I've joined the real world.

Yep. A smart phone, people! My very first! It's the iphone 5. I was this close to just getting the iphone 4 off of amazon - being the cheapskate that I am - buttttt... I caved & went ahead and used my upgrade.

I'm loving it so far, but there is a huge learning curve! What are some favorite apps?? Fill me in girls!

Also... Happy 3rd Birthday to this guy...
My baby is getting old! We got him this orange dog for his Bday present. It has a water bottle inside AND it squeaks so he is pretty much in heaven.

Speaking of Kobe... My friend Holly & I went to Uptown Art: Uncorked for 'Paint Your Pet' night last week. It was so much fun!
Holly & I painted Kobe & GG!

Basically this place has different themed nights for painting. They supply you with the paint, canvas, etc. and have instructors to come around and answer questions and everything. Before the class you send in a photo and they rough sketch it onto the canvas as a guide for you. They also had snack & dessert trays and ofcourse, wine! It was fun.

Loved it!
What else??? Halloween!

We decided to have a little Halloween get together at our place this year, costumes & all!
Remember my saying I was going to attempt this makeup??
Well, it was tough, but I think I did alright. What do you think??

This was in the getting ready process :) Sidenote: does anyone use velcro rollers?? This was my first attempt. A few friends recommended them for extra volume so i decided to give them a whirl.

For the makeup I bought one of those cheap halloween makeup kits which I used some, but I also had to improvise a little bit with my normal makeup.
The white cream face makeup just didn't go on my skin well. I ended up having to use a little bit of that as a base, but then blend white eye shadow all over.
Hey, whatever works right?

We had an awesome time catching up with friends & seeing everyone's costumes!

Extra points if you can guess who Jason is...
Stu - the dentist- from The Hangover! I thought he looked just like him!

 A little halloween decor mixed in with le booze! Also, aren't the cabinets neat?? My bf came up with the idea to use hardware cloth as the door inserts instead of glass. Creative, no?

Had to glam up the infamous leg lamp with a black light & some cobwebs ;)

And most importantly.... Caramel Apple suckers have officially made an appearance!
Who else loves these bad boys ;)

Who else did something fun this weekend??


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5 Responses to “Recap Madness: Art, Halloween, DIY, Pinterest... Ahhh!”

Ashlee :) said...

I've just entered 2012 and got an iphone too! I got the 4s though. They don't have the 5 at my cell phone place yet. Boo!
You did awesome on your halloween makeup & your painting was amazing :)

Ashlyn said...

It came out great!

I actually used Velcro rollers for the first time last Thursday. A lot of my hair fell out so I had to give it a couple of tries. I liked them though.

Meg {henninglove} said...

i haven't entered the 20th century yet, still have my very very old basic of all basic phones. i need to bite the bullet and just go for it! love your halloween costume, great job on the make-up it looks awesome

Kristin said...

your makeup turned out great!! good job!

Brooke said...

Your makeup looked great! Good job!