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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Let's talk organizing! I've put together some tips that I use around my own home to keep things running smoothly, feel free to read through & leave any other tips you have in the comments. Let's get started...

Stock up on decorative and functional containers.

I literally go nuts over places like Ikea & The Container Store.. but I realize not everyone is a freak like me! Try to humor me here & get a little bit excited about containers, mmkay?

 First off, for containers that will be on display, try finding something decorative & well, pretty! Search places like TJMaxx, Target, or Home Goods for different sizes, shapes & colors to fit your needs. Amazon also has some good options like these baskets, these wire containers, and these waffle shelf totes.

As for the not so pretty stuff, like dividers for drawers, or containers that will be hidden away in cabinets or closets, you can go a little cheaper here. I LOVE The Dollar Store for these type of purchases. They have lots of different sizes that are completely functional.

You can also even make some of your own by getting crafty & covering boxes you have on hand with craft paper. Velveeta boxes are the perfect size for pens & pencils. Who knew?! The big canisters from dishwasher tablets and oatmeal can also be covered & repurposed.


Pencil bags aren't just for elementary kiddos.

In elementary school I already loved organization. I would get excited about filling my new pencil bags with gel pens & going to town! These days I still get excited about pencil bags, believe it or not. Why? Because they are PERFECT for storing stuff, especially in your office area.

Pick up the kind with clear inserts, like these above from Dollar Tree & fill with everyday items. Here are some of the things I use them for:

-Pens & pencils
-Mail supplies such as envelopes, return address labels & stamps
-Tape, glue, staples
-Note pads, post-its
-Business cards
-Card games >> since the boxes almost always get torn up anyway.

Store household items grouped together by function or area. Give everything a 'home' of it's own.

Here are a few categories that account for a lot of the 'stuff' in my home. I've found that by keeping each group of items together in one place, separate from other junk, I can maintain order a lot easier.

Household cleaning supplies
We choose to keep ALL of our cleaning supplies in the kitchen cabinet under the sink, organized in containers. When we need to use cleaning supplies, we pull the 'caddy' out, fill with the products we need, use them, and return to their 'home' under the sink.

Extra paper & toiletry items
Because we shop at Costco & Sam's sometimes for paper goods & toiletries, we often end up with an overflow. So for things like extra toilet paper, paper towels, mouthwash, etc. we've carved out a home in the upstairs closet to house all of these extras.

Towels & Linens
We have one linen closet upstairs that houses extra towels & sheets. Each bathroom also has it's own stash of extra towels & washcloths.

Laundry supplies
All of our detergent, fabric softener, bleach and dryer sheets are stored in baskets on shelves in the laundry room.

Dog stuff
With 2 dogs comes a lot of dog related stuff, so we've created a cabinet specifically for this purpose. It houses everyday items like leashes & collars, plus any medications, extra treats, dog shampoo, toys that are not being used, etc.

At some point I will get into more detail & show some of these areas in my home, along with other places I organize including closets, jewelry, make-up, tools and more!

What are some organization tips you find handy?


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2 Responses to “Organization quick tips”

Lauren said...

love the container suggestions..i am working on organizing our big, hall closet right now!

Janna Renee said...

I am CONSTANTLY reorganizing and I LOVE new tips! Thank you so much!!