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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ah, 2012... A new year, a new project! (Although January is almost over, ALREADY!)

I'm so excited to join the blogging world! Over the past year I've kept up with soo many great blogs and always had the idea of starting a blog of my own in the back of my mind...

So here we are! This blog will be a fun place to find informative stuff like home decor tips & my "Deal of the week" home finds....

Plus random, everyday stuff like my DIY projects (both successes & failures!), my beloved Pinterest finds, & LOTS of pictures of trips and unique places around Louisville.

So I just got back from a trip away to Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. It was AMAZING! The 85 degree weather, the beach, the pina coladas... SO refreshing!

We stayed at the Hard Rock Resort, which I would highly recommend! It was right on the beach with like 14 pools, different restaurants, a casino, & spa. Plus it was all inclusive so all of our food & drinks were included, which was great!

So when I got back home a couple days ago I was NOT looking forward to cold weather again... luckily for me the past 2 days have been in the 50's. I'll take it!

The warmer weather has made me super excited for springtime. How about you guys? It's right around the corner after all, so I thought I'd share some tips for giving your home a fresh look for spring. Whether you're staying put, or planning on putting your home on the market, who doesn't want a little bit of curb appeal??

It's amazing how giving your front door a new look can drastically change the look of your home!

Just make sure before you start, you know what you're dealing with!

Is your door painted already? Because you likely don't know if oil or latex paint was used... you should use a primer to properly prep your door for the new color.

Is your door stained? If you're going to paint, be sure to use a primer first! If you want to stain it a different color, you can sand your door to prep for the new darker stain.

Is your door wood or fiberglass? If painting, this isn't a big deal. If staining, special stain specifically for fiberglass doors should be used. Zar makes good fiberglass stain.

Still don't have a clue?? Visit your local hardware or paint store & they will be glad to walk you through what you need. Anybody from Louisville, check out Brownsboro Hardware! They are super friendly!

Well, those are my DIY tips of the day! I guess I can cross my first blog post off the list!
I'm off to write a counteroffer for one of my buyers so wish me luck!!


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